German Exchange 2015

Our German Exchange partners will be visiting Northern Ireland from Monday 19th October to Friday 23rd October 2015

MONDAY 19th OCTDUBLIN AIRPORT 16:55NEWCASTLE 1900 Arrival in Greenhill both German and DHS pupilsGermans at 16:55 in Dublin Late teaOfficial start of the exchangeIce breakers & games DHS pupils brought by their parents between 6:00pm and 7:00pm & German pupils transported from Dublin by a CHAMBERS bus MR SIDOR & MR ANNETT
TUESDAY 20th  OCT Greenhill/Newcastle Outreach activities. LunchNewcastle walk. Dinner.Dromore pupils pack their bags in the evening. No transport needed MR SIDOR & MR ANNETT
WEDNESDAY 21st NorthCoast Day Trip to The Giants Causeway & Strand & Portrush, Portstewart etc. Leaving from Dromore at 9 back for 5 pm. Trip for both sets of pupils. After the trip DHS go back to their families & German pupils go back to Greenhill 5:30 pm. Dinner in Newcsatle. Bus hired from Chambers Coaches leaving Newcastle 8:00am via Dromore to the North. Back in Dromore for 5:00pm MRS BINGHAM & MRS ROSE
THURSDAY 22nd Belfast & Dromore Day Trip to STORMONT and then BELFAST. Both sets of pupils leave for STORMONT at 9 am. In Belfast at 12:00 pm. Titanic Museum 2;30pm. Back for 5.30 pm. Early tea in DHS canteen for both sets of pupils.Time together in the computer roomHalloween Disco at 7:30 pm-9:30 pm.German pupils go back to Greenhill. Bus hired from Chambers Coaches. Leaving Newcastle at 8:00am via Dromore to Belfast. Back in Dromore for 5:30pm.Bus needed for the evening/9:30 to take the German pupils back to Newcastle. MRS SCOTT & MRS STEVENSON
FRIDAY 23rd Greenhill & Dromore German pupils bussed together to DHS at approx. 8:30pm. Principal’s address. Both sets of pupils spend time in school/classes and have early lunch together in the school canteen.Official end of the exchange.German pupils go to Dublin/International Hostel at 2:00 pm. Bus hired from Chambers Coaches to transport German pupils from Newcastle 8:30am to Dromore then to Dublin at 2pm MR SIDOR & MR ANNETT

Visitors from Lenningen, October 2013

We started off by getting up at 7.30 to get dressed and to eat breakfast. After breakfast we had to go and get waterproofs and warm clothes on.

Once we were ready, we did outreach activities such as; zip line, climbing wall, the leap of faith, archery and group games.

The rain started to come on so we all went into the canteen and played lots of games and relaxed. All of our clothes were wet so we had to go and get changed because after lunch we had to walk into Newcastle.

In Newcastle we walked round shops and we went into the Amusements. It was very fun. The weather was not good at all, it was raining very heavy! As soon as we got back and dried off we had dinner. For dinner we had chips, chicken and gravy. After dinner we were allowed to just relax and play more games.

Monday was a good day but if the weather was a bit better it would have been much better.

Tuesday 22nd October

We got up and we ate breakfast before the Northern Irish pupils packed their gear to leave Greenhill to go home to their families. When we were back in school Lauren and I took our German Friends (Juliene and Lisa) for a tour of the school before sitting in Mrs Best’s Year nine Science class. The German Students were surprised to see our interactive white boards and met Frankie!

We then went to Geography with Mr Teggarty. Lauren and myself looked at Lenningen, the town where are German visitors live, on the map and compared it to Dromore. Mr Taggarty was very funny and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We then said our goodbyes to the Germans.

Wednesday 23rd October – Giants Causeway

Today the Germans set off at 8 o’clock and headed for Dromore where they picked us up at 9-10am.

We sat on the bus for about 1 1/2 and then finally arrived at the Giants Causeway. It was extremely windy there so we were not able to go too far, but we still got a good look at all the rocks.

After lunch we headed to Portstewart, we were given 1 hour free time to do some shopping.

We headed back to Dromore and our German visitors went back to Greenhill for the night. It was a very exciting and tiring day as most of the pupils fell asleep on the bus on the way home!

Thursday 24th October

We visited the Northern Ireland Parliament in the morning which was very informative. All of us took part in a mock election.

In the afternoon we had some free time for shopping in Belfast.

Later on we visited the Titanic Museum, which was great fun.

We finished the day with tea in the school canteen and the Halloween disco in the School Youth Club.

All ended with tears at 10pm when we had to say Good bye to our German friends.

Pupils from DHS and Lenningen Realschule