GCSE Home Economics is a very relevant and interesting subject which provides pupils with the opportunity to prepare them for the responsibilities, opportunities and experiences of adult life.

The new specification contains two main components, Diet and Health and Consumer Awareness.

Diet and Health

Pupils will study:

  • What’s on the plate?
  • What’s in food?
  • What’s on the label?
  • Ages and Stages
  • Dietary disorders
  • Special diets
  • The facts behind will issues
  • Keeping food safe
  • Creativity and food

Consumer Awareness

Pupils will study:

  • Being an effective consumer
  • What influences shopping?
  • Money matters
  • Wiser buyer

Assessment Summary

Unit 1 Diet and Health and Consumer Awareness
Exam paper includes short answer and structured extended writing questions
1 hour 30 mins (40% weighting)

Unit 2 Diet and health
Controlled assessment- Planning, preparation and evaluation of a range of dishes
(40 % weighting)

Unit 3 Consumer Awareness
Controlled assessment- Consumer research task (20% weighting)