Are you a past pupil of Dromore High School? 


Would you like to join our new venture ‘Dromore High Past Pupil Association’ and Get Involved?


The concept of a Past Pupil Association is not only to give back to the school, but also to give past pupils the chance to retain and make meaningful contacts within their school family.  We are calling it a ‘Past Pupil Association’ but in other schools is also known as an ‘Alumni’ which are equally beneficial to the school and past pupils. 

The Vision of DHPPA is to connect past pupils with the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

Dromore High School opened in 1958 with 300 pupils – today there are over 1000 pupils.  Next June we plan to hold an event to invite past pupils from 1958 to date, to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the School’s opening.  At this event we will have a display of the many archives held by the school – photographs, newspaper articles, sport achievements, art works, etc.

If you are interested please register or email:



The Vision:

Connecting with the Past – keeping you connected with the School and your School Family through our webpage on the school website, our Facebook page, Twitter and social events.


Supporting the Present – providing support and expertise to the current school community through mentoring and curriculum/ extra curriculum support, fundraising and provision of focused financial support.


Building for the Future – providing advice and support in the long-term development of the school and wider school community ultimately promoting the good name of Dromore High and its local community.