Eco Council

This year we have been working towards the Eco Schools award.


After an Environmental Review of the school, we selected three topics to focus on.

Our aim is to:

Topic 1: Global Perspective

Enable pupils to understand the local and global impact of their way of living.

Investigate the environmental, social and economic impacts on the decisions they make through study of other countries.

Topic 2: Litter

Understand the impact of litter on the environment and explore practical measures for reducing and minimising the amount of litter around the school and the local community.

Topic 3: Energy

Increase pupil’s awareness of energy issues and to improve energy efficiency within the school.


Eco winners

Our Eco-code competition winners.  Well done!


Thanks to all the entrants but the Eco Council has picked the following as our new Eco-code:


‘Be the solution, not the pollution!’


The Eco Council



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