Dromore High School is divided into three Houses

Cowan Herron – Red

Head of House Mrs Kirkland

COWAN HERRON Name ager William Cowan Herron D.L. J.P (1820-1917) who founded the Cowan Herron cottage hospital in Dromore and sustained it with considerable, on-going, generosity.  A man of compassion and kindness.

Ferguson – Green

Head of House  -

Mr Rankin

FERGUSON Named after Harry Ferguson (1884-1960) engineer and inventor who developed the modern tractor and was responsible for significant other engineering firsts including the first four wheel drive, formula one car.  A man of determination and ingenuity.

Percy – Yellow

Head of House  Mr Sleator

PERCY Named after Thomas Percy (1729-1811) Bishop of (Dromore 1782 – 1811).  Thomas Percy was a man of renown in literary circles.  The author/publisher of considerable work including novels, volumes of essays and a large collection of old English poetry.  Percy was appointed Chaplain to King George III in 1769.  During his time as Bishop of Dromore, Percy added a transept to Dromore Cathedral.  A man of literary expertise.

The houses have been called after local dignitaries who made an impression in this community in the past.

Each House acts like a large family with the House association as the common bond.  There are pupils of all ages in each House.  Pupils’ successes are rewarded with Achievement points which are credited simultaneously to the pupil and their House; likewise Behaviour Points are simultaneously deducted from the pupil and their House. Qualities of kindness, fairness and politeness are modelled by staff, encouraged in pupils and help form a polite, friendly atmosphere in school. Every pupil is allocated to a House on entry to the school. This allocation is a random one and each class has an even distribution of House members. The staff are also allocated to Houses. There are House competitions in sport, attendance, scholastic attainment, uniform, charities, music, art and chess and draughts. House Assembly is held on the last Friday of each month. Senior and Junior House Captains (boys and girls) are elected and are responsible for the smooth running of the House.

Throughout the year house competitions take place, these points along with behaviour points and sporting points are totalled to give a winning house, members of that house are then treated to a trip, for the past number of years the winning house have been taken to Tayto Park.


House Competition Winners 2018/2019 – Ferguson

House Competition Winners 2017/2018 – Percy

House Competition Winners 2016/2017 – Cowan Herron

House Competition Winners 2015/2016 – Cowan Herron