GCSE Child Development – CCEA




Why should I study this course?

This is a broad, coherent course on the development of babies and small children (0–5 years). It encourages students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills, including practical skills, in these key areas:

  • pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn baby
  • the responsibilities involved in parenting and other family roles
  • the social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional development of small children, including their dietary, health and educational needs.

Students develop subject-specific skills such as evaluating feeding options for a baby, and transferable skills such as analytical problem solving. They also learn about relevant scientific and technological developments. This course prepares students for further study in child health or education, or the world of work.


What will I learn?

Year 11 Year 12
Unit 1

Parenthood, Pregnancy and the Newborn Baby

Unit 2

The Development of the Child (0–5 Years)

Unit 3

Investigation Task

  • The family and parental responsibilities
  • Reproduction
  • Pregnancy
  • Diet and lifestyle during pregnancy
  • Birth
  • The newborn baby
  • Feeding the newborn baby


  • Dietary needs of the child (0-5 years)
  • Child health and education
  • Child development
  • Social development
  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • Communication development
  • Emotional development



Students complete a controlled assessment task linked to the CCEA specified title. (this will be released each September for the current Year 12).


The research task will be completed under teacher supervision during class time.




What’s each module worth?


30% 30% 40%

How will I be formally assessed?


One written assessment at the end of Year 11 (Unit 1)- 1 hour 15 min (completing this component in Year 11 allows for a re-sit opportunity in Year 12 if necessary)


One written assessment at the end of Year 12 (Unit 2)- 1 hour 15 min


One controlled assessment task in Year 12 (Unit 3)



What might the future hold?


This course allows you to acquire transferable skills for many career options and provides a solid foundation for a range of further or higher education courses.

Possible career options may include nursing, midwifery/ health visiting, teaching, childcare, play therapist, child psychology.