Learning for Life and Work


The students whom we care for should have equal access to high quality learning experienceswhich will prepare them for the world of work and enable them to develop cognitively, socially, spiritually and emotionally.



1.       To develop a knowledge and understanding of appropriate citizenship, personal development and employability concepts.

2.       To develop main transferable skills: literacy, numeracy, ICT, solving problems, managing information and working with others.

3.       To promote the ability to make appropriate and effective use of LLW knowledge to develop, interpret, modify and communicate civic, social and personal ideas and concepts.

4.       To encourage pupils to develop their team work, empathy, grit, resilience and honesty through addressing a verity of LLW concepts.

5.       To develop each child’s interest in and appreciation of current affairs

6.       To develop and reinforce the concept of equality in Northern Ireland and globally

7.       To develop and reinforce the concept and appreciation of diversity in our local, national and international community

8.       To promote open discussions and group debates

9.       To promote Human Rights, transferrable employability skill and emotional development in each child across the whole school


LLW at Key Stage 3

LLW is taught over 2 forty minute periods in Year 8, 9 and 10. During this time we focus on a variety of personal development, employability and citizenship topics as outlined below;

Year 8 –
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Personal Understanding
- Career Management

Year 9 –
- Equality and Human Rights
- Family Life
- Working in a Global Economy

Year 10 –
- Democracy and active participation
- Relationships
- Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


Why do GCSE LLW?
GCSE LLW is an increasingly popular choice for students in Dromore High School. There are a lot of reasons why LLW is a good choice;
• It helps develop knowledge and understanding of current events e.g. elections, mental health, drugs addiction
It helps us understand the world around us and how we can live in it sustainably.
• It helps pupils develop a range of useful skills such communication, debating, data analysis, ICT, problem solving and team work
• It is a useful and desirable qualification for further education
• It opens up a wide variety of career pathways e.g. law, leisure and tourism,

What is the GCSE course like?
The specification we follow is CCEA and consists of three units:
Unit 1 – Personal Development (Exam worth 13.3%)
Unit 2 – Citizenship (Exam worth 13.3%)
Unit 3 – Employability (Exam worth 13.3%)
There are also two pieces of controlled assessments, both worth 60%, chosen from the above three units