Occupational Studies

The world of work is constantly changing. Today it is uncommon for a person to have only one occupation throughout their working life, so it’s vital that we are able to transfer and adapt our knowledge and skills throughout our careers.

To foster these abilities, Occupational Studies allows learners to learn for work, through work and about work, and it provides the potential for this learning to take place in out-of-school contexts. This hands-on approach is ideal for those who prefer to develop their skills in a more practical, occupational environment.

Occupational Studies is both coherent and flexible and provides a good foundation from which to advance to competence-based post-16 courses.


Occupational Studies

Engineering and Engineering Services

Unit – Manufacturing techniques (Bench fitting)

Technology and Innovation

Unit – Carpentry and Joinery

Unit – Sound Production


Environment and Society

Unit – Growing Plants (Propagation)

Unit – Running a Leisure Event


Congratulations to Mrs Nelson and Samuel and William from Year 11 Horticulture Class who won 2nd place in the Schools’ Competition at Balmoral Show.

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The following students received an award for having the highest  mark in each of their subjects.

Ferne Dickson (Beauty and Hairdressing)

Matthew Rudd-Spence (Electrical Wiring)

Matthew Patterson (Plumbing)


Further congratulations to Ferne Dickson who was awarded both Best in school award and Best in SPP award.





On Friday 27th February 10 Year 12 students from Dromore High School organised a disco for the Year 8+9 pupils.  It was as part of their Occupational Studies course – Running a Leisure Event.  The disco was a great success with all proceeds going to charity.


Business and Services

Unit – Food Preparation and Cooking (Patisserie)


Food Preparation and Cooking (Patisserie)

The Occupational Studies course is a very practical, hands-on course which upon successful completion provides the learner with a Level 2 qualification.

This course provides learners with some of the basic cooking principles required by chefs in the catering industry.

Students will learn how to work safely and hygienically, applying legislative requirements.

The units covered include:

Kitchen and Larder- preparing hot and cold sandwiches, preparing and cooking vegetables, preparing and cooking basic meat and poultry dishes and to prepare and cook basic soups.

Patisserie- preparing and cooking pastry dishes, prepare, cook and finish cakes and sponges, prepare and cook hot and cold desserts and to prepare and cook biscuits and scones.

Four Dromore High School students were nominated or the Skillbuild competition, held in January in SRC Newry, Greenbank Campus.


It takes the top performing students from from each of the SRC campuses and they compete against each other to complete tasks in their particular skill / trade.


Two of the DHS students came second in their group.


-        Matthew Patterson                                  Plumbing

-        Matthew Rudd-Spence                          Electrical Wiring