Thank you to Mr Annett who is taking groups for Kayaking lessons during PE and Games time.

PE Kit Ordering Process


Please download and print order form below for PE kit, complete and return order form to Mrs Wilkinson (pwilkinson001@c2kni.net and your parent pay account will be debited with the appropriate amount.

pe uniform – order form


AIMS v  To help in the preparation for use of leisure time v  To develop enjoyment and enthusiasm for physical activity v  To develop a greater overall interest and understanding of selected aspects of sport v  To develop the individual’s own concept of his or her own personal performance and skill level v  To enable the individual to become both a better participant and better spectator v  To make each pupil healthier and happier   OBJECTIVES   v  Achieve a high level of personal performance in physical activity v  Have experience of participating in major and individual sports v  Understand and experience the basic tactics of play in major games v  Understand and experience health-related activities including aspects of safety   CONTENT Physical Education is taught to each class in each year group throughout the school.  In all year groups AHL are banded together as are RST and both receive a double period (2x40min).  The whole year group comes together for games for a double period (2x40min) on the following afternoons:   Year 8             Friday Year 9             Monday Year 10           Thursday Year 11           Tuesday Year 12           Wednesday

Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
PE Games PE Games
AthleticsBasketballCross CountryDance Gymnastics Health-Related Fitness Badminton Swimming HockeyNetballRugbyFootball Athletics Softball Cricket AthleticsBadmintonBasketballCross Country Health-Related Fitness Volleyball HockeyNetballRugbyFootball Leisure Centre Athletics Rounders Tennis



PE (Full Course) Unit 3: Knowledge and Understanding for the Active Participant Written Paper – 1hour 30 mins80 marks – 40%   Scenario issued to centres in advance of the examination.   plus Unit 4: The Active Participant Controlled Assessment – 90 marks – 60%     4 assessments from at least 2 groups/ways of thinking: at least 2 as player/performer.


Unit 3:                        Knowledge & Understanding for the Active Participant

  • The range of physical activities/different roles that the active participant can choose from
  • Linking physical activity with diet, work and rest for personal health and a balanced healthy lifestyle
  • Making informed decisions about getting involved in a lifetime of healthy physical activities that suit their needs

External assessment – written paper – 40% of total marks

  • Multiple choice
  • Short answer questions
  • Extended answers based on scenario issued prior to the examination

  Unit 4:                        The Active Participant  Students assessed in their selected roles from the activities Controlled assessment – 60% of total marks – Four assessments

  • From at least two groups/ways of thinking
  • Games activities
  • Gymnastic activities
  • Dance activities
  • Athletic activities
  • Life saving/adventure activities
  • Fitness & health
  • At least two performances must be as player/performer

Key Processes – developing skills, being creative/making decisions and evaluating/improving [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]