Year 8 to 10 at Key Stage 3 (KS3) follow the new Northern Ireland Curriculum.  Schemes of work are thematic with links to everyday life, careers in Science and other subjects across the curriculum.

The Key Elements are addressed throughout the schemes and there is a strong emphasis on Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities in lessons and assessments. 

Opportunities in Communication, Using Maths and ICT are also addressed in lessons and assessed through challenge tasks.

Year 8

The scheme is made up of 3 thematic units

1)   Becoming a Scientist

Skills and Safety


2)   Salt of the Earth

Investigating Road Grit

Linked with Technology Department, pupils make cars and test on different surfaces to investigate friction.


3)   Your Body Matters

Investigates Body Systems

Heart rate

Includes an ICT task

Year 9

3 modules of work:


–          In the Garden     

-          Study plants

-          Endangered Species Project


-          Electricity in the home    – Renewable Energy

-          Link to Geography and Technology

-          Using Maths – Paying for Electricity

Chemistry     -  Science in the Kitchen – from freezer to the table

Year 10

Biology – Water Pollution Project including podcasting and using Audacity software to record a radio broadcast.

Chemistry – CSI Module

Physics – Practical Assessment    



All pupils study GCSE Science at Key Stage 4 (KS4) 


80% of pupils study

GCSE Double Award Science (Modular) – CEA


6 units,         2 Chemistry

                    2 Biology                         75%

                    2 Physics                                  


Controlled assessment                25% 


GCSE Single Award Science – CEA

3 units –       1 Chemistry                    

                   1 Biology                75%

                   1 Physics


Practical Controlled Assessment   25%


CCEA GCSE Agriculture and Land Use

This course is aimed at pupils interested in the farming industry.  Progression from this course would be our new OCR BTEC Agriculture, further progression to places such as Greenmont or Harper Adams.

We have an Occupational Studies Course available:

Horticulture – This specification is designed to develop practical skills.  It is particularly suitable for those considering careers in horticultural industries eg floristry, organic/market gardening etc.


A Level

Key Stage 5 (KS5)

CCEA AS and A2 Biology

CCEA AS and A2 Chemistry

CCEA AS and A2 Physics

OCR BTEC Agriculture




“A group of Year 13 and Year 12 Chemistry Students enjoyed a trip to Almac on Tuesday 29th January.  It was a fantastic day providing the pupils with a valuable insight into many different STEM careers followed by a tour of the laboratory.  Thanks to the team at Almac for their hospitality.  It’s great to see a local company embracing and inspiring the next generation of young scientists.


Here is what the students had to say about today’s trip:


What did you enjoy most about today?

Sarah Hall “I enjoyed visiting the laboratories and seeing first-hand the work that they do.”

Rebekah Minnis “I enjoyed learning about all the different career pathways that Almac offer.  In particular, it made me realise how my combination of A level subjects link to possible careers.”

Ellen Graham “This experience gave me a valuable insight into the different career paths which link to Chemistry and my other AS level subjects.”

Rebecca Girvin “I enjoyed learning about all the different sectors that Almac has.  It was interesting to see how closely STEM subjects relate to the different career options”.

Sarah Hughes “I enjoyed learning about how what we do in class relates to industrial Chemistry”.  


Was there a career option that interested you today?


Sarah Hall “I like the sound of marketing within Almac and would like to further investigate this option”

Rebekah Minnis “Bioinformatics is a career option I learnt about today which combines my A-levels of Software Systems Development, Biology and Chemistry”

Ellen Graham “The sense of unity within the Almac company is something that attracts me to a career within the company.  I like the thought of the opportunity to travel, as they have 17 global branches.”

Rebecca Girvin.  “Chemical Synthesis and manufacturing is something that interests me.  I will definitely look into this further.”

Sarah Hughes “Process development, I think that sounds interesting.  Although I am looking into other career options too such as Medicine”.