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Welcome to Dromore Live, we’re going to use this format over the next few weeks to keep in touch and up to speed with all that is going on in the Dromore area.

We need your help us do this!

We will supply quizzes, competitions and information but we are looking for reporters from around the area to keep us up to date with what they are doing while ‘stuck’ at home. If you have a story to tell us, have drawn a picture or created a masterpiece, found an interesting way to pass the time at home, have a photograph we could create a caption for or have a burning question you’d like to ask then this is the place to come!!

We’re also reaching out to parents! As well as providing a ‘Thought for the Week’ to try to keep you sane, we want you to share any ideas you have for passing the time while we are all ‘socially isolating’ and it will also provide us with an area to address any questions or queries you may have in a concise way.

We hope you enjoy this first issue — it’s just a start and we are happy for you to drive our content on a weekly basis.

A huge thank you to the contributors and in particular to our Year 13 formatting star Rachel Moorhead.